Stühlinger Studentenwohnheim
in der Engelbergerstraße

Student contact group (= Heimrat)

The Heimrat is permanently part of the administration of the Stühlinger Studentenwohnheim with its 300 residents and furthermore an intermediary between you (the students) and the Studentenwerk Freiburg. The members are voted democratically by the residents. However above all the Heimrat gives oneself to the task of improving the communal life in the Wohnheim by preparing different Tutorials or events like the "Sommerfest" or the Wohnheimsvollversammlung that is taking place semiannual. Furthermore the Heimrat administrates funds for "social activities" provided by the Studentenwerk. The Heimrat meets up regularly in the Mudom-Cellar and discusses and organizes upcoming actions. Interested residents are heartly welcome.

The official e-mail distribution list of Stühlinger Student contact group (= Heimrat) is: